Bangs to Belly Buttons

What started off as a word play on how “Audi” (the car) and “outtie” (referring to a belly button) sound the same. I said “I’m an innie!” & he replied “I’ve seen.”
Although it should have been overlooked and moved along without a second glance, it made me think…

“I’ve seen that you have an ‘innie’ belly button. I’ve seen the curves and contours of your body. I’ve seen how stunning you are in a dress, and how adorable you look in sweats with a makeup-less face. I’ve seen every inch of you, kissed every part of you, seen each and every scar. I know how your bangs fall & how you act embarrassed about small things. I know you curl up into me when we watch a scary movie, & how you sprawl out on me when we make out.”

He knows so much about me, and more that i don’t notice or think he notices. I overlook things I dont think he remembers… But he doesn’t forget even the smallest things like those.

Sometimes, it’s good to be reminded that the one you love takes such close notice to you, to even mark down the defining direction of your belly button.